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"This service is above and beyond any other service in town. Just the best !!

Monica K.

"I was referred to Alba's Cleaning in 2010 and they've been cleaning my home since then. Great to details"

Gloria L.

"Thank you for the wonderful service we received from your staff."

Mandy W.

"The girls did a WONDERFUL job on Monday. They are very thorough"

Mary M.

"Alba has been with me for 10+ years. I have watched her blossom as an entrepreneur and I'm honored to offer a testimonial about her commitment to providing good service, integrity and a commitment to her customers. She is like family, but more importantly, she provides a high quality product that can be designed to meet the individual needs of the business or homeowner. We wish Alba and her team continued growth and success. "

Diana R.

"Alba Cleaning Services has been doing a great job for the MS Center for years. We recently relocated to a larger, newer facility last month. Alba stepped up to accept the new assignment, giving us a reasonable price. They have given us exceptional customer service and very close attention to detail in cleaning our offices. We highly recommend their services."

Kay J.

Alba's cleaning service is outstanding every week the team clean the models with such care an attention to detail. The models look impeccable! And the presentation in the vacuum designed as the big windows clear of smudges. Free if any dust and perfect for any time white glove test. Gracious team, excellent attitude and solution oriented. They send us a report of issues if any; as pictures to show us finishes. We definitely recommend them!

Naples Square

"I would like to express our Extreme Satisfaction and Happiness with the job that Alba's Cleaning does to keep our Home looking it's Best week in and week out. Their Work Ethic and Attention to Detail is impeccable They are Always looking for new things to clean that need attention, it's not just the same every week. They are always Punctual, and Very Flexible to our needs. Alba, Carlos, and their team are just Great!!!"

David and Nancy H.

"What a lovely group of people you have employed! Hard working, conscious, very polite, detailed oriented. I'm really happy to have these ladies cleaning my place. Thank You!!" 

Jeffry R.

"I am very happy with her service. I really recommend her. ..."


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